From inspiration to innovation.

The story behind a new approach to shoe making.

Early one morning, after a refreshing rain in Holloway Park, Florida, running enthusiast Rich Wills admired the pure joy of barefoot runners gliding effortlessly on the soft dewy grass. Intrigued, he tried running barefoot on damp grass for himself. The euphoric sensation of his entire body buzzing with newfound vitality ignited a spark within Rich: to recreate the delightful feeling of running barefoot on damp grass, but this time, on the unforgiving roads.

And so, after three years of relentless dedication, an extraordinary running shoe was engineered—the HOLLOWAY. It is designed for the most brutal terrain and provides the perfect balance of cushioning and connection to the earth. Experience the exhilaration of barefoot running while staying protected and comfortable with the HOLLOWAY.


We are in the continual pursuit of the ultimate natural running experience.

We believe the body’s design gives us all the natural ability to run and run well. We create products designed to mimic the natural running experience, bridging the gap between our physiology and the man-made world we live in.


To make running a more natural, more enjoyable experience for every kind of runner.

By allowing and encouraging the natural bio-mechanics of barefoot running, we want to be the leader in natural running shoe design, creating products that enrich and enhance the runner’s experience.

Coming Soon.

We’ve worked with industry-leading specialists to design and develop the HOLLOWAY, and we’re currently testing and tweaking our first release. The magic that is in all our feet is hardly simple, so as my grandfather used to say, we’re going slow to go fast.
Our limited-quantity, first run production ships in 2024.

Three reasons runners love us.

1. Heart

We are guided by a deep-seated passion for running, runners, and the running communities that are emblematic of our sport.

2. Innovation

We encourage a culture that inspires exploration, in order to continually create the best running experiences. 

3. Natural by Design

We have a singular focus on creating products that improve the experience of running by leveraging our natural bio-mechanics.